What superfood would you wish for?

This is a question I once got during one of my seminars about healthy eating. The answer is today what it was then: “We already have all the superfood we need, they are called vegetables”. To be completely honest I’d like to add some other ingredients as well; fruits, nuts, root vegetables and seeds. These together with above mentioned vegetables concist of the micro and macro nutrients we need.

In the society we seldom speak about micro nutrients or let’s say even algeas, but still 2012/2013 speak about fats, carbs and proteins… For most of the people in the western world it isn’t a problem getting sufficient energy to survive, but yet we keep feeding our body with fast energy without any nutrients. A paralell is to fill your car with beer instead of gas, if your lucky the engine will be able to burn it for awhile but eventually the engine and inner parts will take damage.

"Everyone has a doctor inside of us whose healing power
we only need to support. The natural healing power inside
all of us is the most important factor for a good health.
Our food shall be our medicine and our medicine should
consist of our food"

Hippocrates, the founder of western medicine, 460-377 bc

Rainbow Diet isn’t a diet, but an expression that has been made to simplify so that it’s easy to remember. We already have everything in the western world that would keep us going and satisfy our body. Our ambition with this project is to educate the society (even though everyone already knows most of this) so that we can turn the current fat epidemic and get more healthy together.